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About company

Our company was established in order to help professional hunters and enthusiasts to train their hunting skills and to open the world of hunting to skeptics and people unaware of hunting benefits. Today we also teach young hunters how to handle their guns and how to treat their bag.

The demand on hunting has significantly decreased recently. But still it remains an important part of human being’s life. Moreover, it is great entertainment, especially if you are interested in shooting. And our hunting center can help you in making it unforgettable.

Our team of specialists that includes real professionals in hunting will make sure your hunting experience at our center satisfies your requests.

Hunting for everyone

Even though hunting has been underrated for years, it still remains a good source of benefit, both emotional and financial. We believe that hunting is what everyone should be taught at least from the age of 18 years.

That’s why we have recently started a new program designed to help teenagers explore and fully enjoy the world of hunting. Our instructors will teach your children safety precautions when using guns and how to handle them.

We surely hope our guidance and recommendations will help your children develop and master their hunting skills.

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Meet our team

John Franklin

As the founder of Hunting training center, John is truly passionate about what he

Tom Nelson

With over 20 years of experience in professional hunting, Tom decided to pursue career

Richard Cox

Richard is a huntsman with years of experience, and he is exceptionally devoted to

Michael Freeman

A former school teacher of physical education, Michael continues his family traditions working as

Our advantages

Professional staff

At Hunting training center we hire only professional hunters and hunting coaches who care about your safety and hunting skills.

Experienced coaches

All of our coaches are former professional hunters with decades of experience, and they are ready to teach you.

Various training programs

Our coaches work daily to deliver the entertainment and education combined in our training programs for youth and adults.

Easy-to-reach location

We have several branches throughout the northern part of the USA that allow you to select a suitable training center.

Hunting equipment for hire

We lend guns, ammo and even apparel to be used in our training center free of charge.

High-class entertainment

We guarantee you will not just receive emotional satisfaction from hunting, but also get high quality service at our center.

Educational materials

If you want to practise without shooting an animal, we advise you to start from our knowledge base.

Photo and video materials

To revive your hunting memories, we can give you photos and videos of your training and hunting sessions.

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